MCB’s living green walls and green roof systems perform better.

Our green systems  have been engineered from the ground up to ensure our clients get reliable and cost effective options. After years of research and development we have multiple green options for interior and exterior; either modular or free standing. Within each category we have hydroponic or soil based options with a large variety of well performing plant selections.

MCB’s hydroponic system is our leading green wall design. With this system we can cut the overall depth of the wall in half and provide more efficient watering and fertilization.

Our soil-based options use a 100% organic flexible medium for the mounting surface. This allows us to grow on free form shapes and mount on uneven surfaces.
MCB’s interior & exterior living green walls:

  • Modular, wall mounted soil based
  • Modular wall mounted hydroponic
  • Free standing

This ultimately means we can mount our green walls and deliver systems for almost any application.

Our green roof systems are delivered in modular trays or vegetative mats that are either pre-planted or planted on-site. Amongst a number of benefits the 2 main paybacks with our green roof system are; increased roofing insulating R value of 20-50 depending on the systems used (lower building operational costs) and greatly improved roof membrane life of 20-40 years. This done by removing heat from the air through evapotranspiration, reducing temperatures of the roof surface and the surrounding air. Our system is also lighter than others systems so we can install them on moderately sloped roofs.

Our 2 main plant options are either a mixture of prairie grasses and wild flowers or Sedum, which is a mixture of colorful, flowering succulents.

Our green roof design and install process:

  • Initial consultation
  • Engineering review to check existing structure or in schematic design for a new structure.
  • MCB system selection based on weight, slope and desired plants
  • Installation
  • 2 year maintenance

Maintenance of green systems.

MCB provides a two-year maintenance program as part of our warranty. Our experts will complete this work and deliver a report to you. For the first two months, we’ll visit your roof or green wall weekly to irrigate and make sure the vegetation becomes established. For the remainder of the first year, we’ll visit your roof biweekly. In the second year there will be three visits: a spring cleanup, one mid-summer check-ins and a fall cleanup.

We also offer customizable maintenance services for existing living roof and green wall systems.

Please contact us for more information.



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